About Keep On Truckin' Apparel

Keep On Truckin' Apparel celebrates the work of pioneer cartoon artist Robert Crumb.

R. Crumb's vast body of work shattered all limits known to conventional cartooning and launched the underground "comix" movement - creating a distinct illustration genre that's made waves throughout American culture.

Keep on Truckin' Apparel features many of Crumb's best-known characters, and will expand its offering with additional Truckin' Guys, Fritz the Cat and Mr. Natural, plus other favorites such as Mr Snoid, Devil Girl, Flakey Foont, Vulture Demonesses, Stimp & the Gimp, Squirrely the Squirrel, Dirty Dog, Egg Ackley, Old Pooperoo, and more over time.

Whether R. Crumb's artwork sparks a memory or is the catalyst for a new experience, we hope you feel the Energy!

Thanks for visiting and shopping Keep on Truckin' Apparel.

Founder, E.R. Stephens

Click here for more information about Robert Crumb's work.

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