Popular Themes

Here are popular themes that might help you find that perfect shirt or gift.

Heroes of the Blues

First commission by Yazoo records the 36 card box set with art by R. Crumb, Heroes of the Blues, commemorates the great singers and musicians who were among the first to record the blues. Now these collectable images are available for the first time on t-shirts, collect them, trade them, wear them with pride.

Comic Book Covers

Classic R. Crumb comic book covers including Fritz the Cat, Head, Mr. Natural, Snarf, and ZAP Comix - all available on conventional or organic cotton, in the size and color of your choice.

Mr. Natural

R. Crumb's mystic guru who spouts aphorisms on the evils of the modern world and the salvation to be found in mysticism and natural living. All shirts are 100% organic cotton.

Especially for Women

Designs, sizes and colors that will resonate with female R. Crumb fans - available in conventional and organic cotton fabric choices.

Crumb Himself

R. Crumb's ego and id as reflected in his original illustrations. Get inside Crumb's brain to see these compelling designs that you won't find anywhere else on or offline!


R. Crumb is a music aficionado, and played music for years as part of his "Cheap Suit Serenaders" string band. Here are a few illustrations showing Crumb's love for music.

Keep On Truckin'

Published in the first issue of Zap Comix in 1968, Crumb's distinctive characters have strutted confidently across various landscapes over the years. Here are a few classic images of the KOT guys.

Wearable Art

Crumb is an artist first and foremost, bent over a sketchbook, drawing all the time. So it is fitting that Keep On Truckin' Apparel carry on some of his lesser known, but equally impressive designs. Get your Art On!