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Robert Crumb Classic Collection from KOT
Mr Natural Organic Collection by KOT
Legends of Music Collection by KOT
Quintessential Robert Crumb t-shirt designs known worldwide for their originality and wit. For the R. Crumb fan and those about to become one.
R. Crumb's saucy sage Mr. Natural tells it like it is, and our organic cotton t-shirts allow you to look great while being environmentally responsible!
These Trading Card tee’s feature the Heroes of the Blues, the Early Jazz Greats and the Pioneers of Country Music.
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Keep on Truckin' Apparel (KOT) is an official Licensee of R. Crumb and features Robert Crumb artwork on t shirts and apparel. T-shirt collections include R. Crumb Classic Illustrations, Mr. Natural Organics, as well as the Legends of Music Trading Tees Collection which includes the Heroes of the Blues, Early Jazz Greats and Pioneers of Country Music.

Fans of R. Crumb will enjoy the quality of our t-shirts, and those new to Robert Crumb’s artwork and music will appreciate the design, humor and statements that he infused throughout his art. Characters found on the Keep On Truckin’ website include Fritz the Cat, Mr. Snoid, Mr. Natural, Flakey Foont, Bobo Bolinski, Shuman the Human, Smelly Cat and the Old Pooperoo to name a few. Exclusive to Keep On Truckin’ you will also find the Heroes of the Blues, Early Jazz Greats and Pioneers of Country Music for the first time ever on t shirts. Thanks for visiting Keep On Truckin’ Apparel.

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